Hartford, CT

Day 4 / Capitol #8

The Connecticut State Capitol could be easily seen from the highway/exit ramp off of Interstate 84.  It had a faint resemblance to the one in New York and a cross between a medieval castle and the Vatican from a distance. The grounds were even more impressive as I got close to the marble and granite building with stained glass windows, only eclipsed by the helpfulness of capitol police officers Scott Driscoll and Jan Horan.  

The first picture that I took was of the brass Abraham Lincoln plaque with his image and the words of the Gettysburg Address engraved below, located right behind the replica of the Liberty Bell (the first that I would find on this trip more on that later).  One of the most memorable statues was one of Nathan Hale, Connecticut’s official State Hero; inscribed on his pedestal read his famous last words before being hanged by the British as a spy: “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”