Man travels to all 50 state capitols

October 13, 2012 - Joel Porter - KFYR-TV

An Illinois man is on a voyage across all 50 states to tour every state capitol. Mickey Straub checked North Dakota off of his list with a stop in Bismarck Saturday afternoon.

He's sharing president Lincoln's message of liberty and patriotism from the Gettysburg address and fittingly enough, Straub is driving a Lincoln.

Straub has already covered 13,000 miles in 40 days and he's visited 46 capitols.

Even though this is an election year, Straub says he's not focused on the national races, but rather encouraging people of all ages to become more active in their own cities and states.

"The trip is not about politics or party, it's about principles and patriotism. And if I had, my greatest dream would be to unite the country behind some things we can agree on," Straub said.

Straub will next head to Pierre, South Dakota. He'll be heading through Minnesota, Wisconsin and finally ending his trip back in Springfield, Illinois.